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Chutneys Fast Casual Indian Grill

When I first walked into this place, my brain was screaming “franchised”.  It looks a lot like any fast food place that you would come across in your neighbourhood.

The very minimalist, cafeteria type of atmosphere is cheered up by the choice of music.  I’m no expert, but it sounded like the catchy beats of Bollywood.  The place is super clean and the staff are friendly and accommodating.  Free parking available out front.  It is located very south–east, in a new shopping district.  Currently it is the only location in Alberta.  They are planning another in BC that will be opening shortly.

“Fast Casual Indian Food” is how Chutneys is marketed to the public.  It is a unique concept that has not been done anywhere else.  So, yes, it could be considered fast food because it can be prepared quickly, but it does not have the same connotations to your health.  This is all freshly prepared and healthy food.

If you are expecting to be eating your traditional butter chicken or palak paneer, you will need to look elsewhere.  This is a concept where you create your own experience.  It is reminiscent of traditional Indian street food. The ingredients are laid out and you put the flavours together according to your taste.

To start off, you pick the style:  Burroti, bowl or platter.  Burroti is great for the hand-held, “on the go” experience.  The bowl is the more medium sized meal.  The platter is where you can get a little bit of everything.

The roti for your Burrotii are pressed fresh for you, right before your eyes.  It gives you a couple of minutes to try and decide what to put inside of it.  You pick a protein, then you pick your rice, sauce, veggies go on top of that and lastly your choice of chutney.  There are several different combinations available – the only limit is your imagination.

The bowl is sort of the same idea without the wrap.  This can be made gluten-free or vegan.  Again; protein, sauce, veggies, chutney.  They have a poster near the ordering counter that has some pre-made choices if you can’t make a decision like me!

The platter is the big boy of Chutney’s.  I didn’t have an appetite to match, but one of the customers that was there while I was enjoying my dinner tried it.  You can fill that bad boy up and you won’t leave hungry!

The mango lassi is the crowning jewel.  It is freshly made as well with yogurt, milk, crushed mango and honey.  No sugar, no sweeteners.  It was lovely.

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So after a meal of flavourful, healthy food, I left satisfied, but without a heavy stomach.  My Burroti was awesome as was my husband’s bowl.

If you have room, they also have a healthy dessert option called “Laddoo Bites” which are packed full of energy; honey, oats, coconut, peanut butter and a little bit of chocolate.   Great as a pre-workout snack too!

Super reasonably priced for such healthy food options!  The Burroti or bowl are both just under $10.  You can’t go wrong with a deal like that.

Next time you are craving fast food, consider a healthier option and try out Chutneys Indian Grill!





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