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Cravings; Gelato Love Launch

Cravings is a family affair, with the lovely Charlynn Odegard heading the project. It all started with a family trip to Italy where they fell in love with Gelato.

Charlynn lovingly hand makes each batch in her home studio.  All the ingredients are fresh and as much as possible, locally sourced.  Cravings could be found at festivals, farmer’s markets and sometimes a special event.

Cravings would like to expand into offering a “Gelato Bar” for your next garden party, wedding, anniversary, fundraiser or other special event.

There are three different “families” to choose from.  Sorbettos are water based and therefore safe for people like myself that are lactose intolerant.  A velvety treat with fresh, imaginative flavors that everyone can enjoy!  The regular gelato line does contain dairy but is simply amazing in texture and taste.  The third line is the adult flavors that contain alcohol.  These are available in both Sorbetto and Gelato varieties.

So why can’t you find this awesome product in a grocery store near you?  It’s all about freshness.  Cravings can’t guarantee that the product hasn’t been sitting in that grocery store freezer for a month or so.  They want you to have the freshest experience possible.

The good news is that they are still doing two markets.  The Terwilliger market on Wednesdays and the St. Albert Market on Saturdays.  Cravings will be starting both of these markets in mid June.

My favorites from the launch;

From the sorbetto trio; the Lemon Ginger.  Velvety smooth texture and a wonderful balance between the lemon and the ginger.  A very refreshing treat, not heavy like ice cream.

From the regular gelato line; the Guava Coconut.  I am simply in love with this flavor!  The texture is smooth and it was a flavor explosion to taste.

From the “adult” gelato line, I really enjoyed the Apricot Champagne.  It is almost like having a frozen version of an apricot Mimosa.  This would be wonderful at any kind of celebration party.

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Want to book a garden party and show off some really great gelato?  Find their website here: Cravings Gelato

Follow them on Twitter: @cravingsgelato You can also find them on Instagram (@cravingsgelato) and on Facebook: Cravings Artisan Gelato

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