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Decadence – The Cafvino Experience

When I told my co-workers that I was going to sample a “coffee-wine” the looks on their faces were absolutely priceless. They were a mixture of disgust and curiosity.

In 2006, a lovely lady by the name of Ingrid was visiting her family in Columbia. She discovered a coffee infused wine called “Cafvino”. It was unlike anything that she had ever experienced. She wanted to share her passion with the world. Six years later, she was finally able to bring Cafvino to St. Albert, Alberta and share her treasure with Canada.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be able to share in Ingrid’s passion at the Cafvino VIP event. I was able to meet both Ingrid and Carlin and a number of Twitter folk from Edmonton and area. Great product – great company!

Cafvino Promo

The goal of the event was to show the versatility of the product. What exactly does coffee infused Cafvino pair with? Absolutely everything! Executive Chef Harjeet Mehdwan was able to strut his stuff and show off exactly what Cafvino can do to create savoury meatballs and decadent desserts.

Cafvino Nibbles

The meatballs are a customer favourite on the menu at the Ramada Kingsway.  Cafvino’s balanced flavours make it very versatile to use in savoury sauces.  The desserts are that much more decadent with the hints of coffee flavour enticing your tastebuds.  Cupcakes were made by “Cakes by Candace”.  Chocolate, wine and coffee.  Perfection.

We were also treated to three cocktails made with Cafvino; the Paralyzer, the Raspberry, Cafvino and Cola.

Cafvino Beverages

As our lovely hostess was making her rounds, she made sure that I got to try a sample straight. I may not be that educated about wine, but I do know my coffee. Even the aroma is decadent. You can smell the sweetness of the wine and the darker smells of the Colombian coffee. The taste is something that is difficult to express in words. The wine is sweet, but not overly so. It reminded me of a really good ice wine.  The coffee infusion is just right. It is a marriage made in foodie heaven. As I was chatting with Carlin later on – he asked me which of the cocktails was my favourite, I could honestly answer him with “straight”.

I was delighted to discover while doing my reading before attending the event that Cafvino is carried at my favourite liquor store – Sherbrooke. (The only liquor store in Edmonton in my opinion!) Sherbrooke was one of the very first liquor stores on board to help spread the Cafvino love!

I have a new addiction and it is called Cafvino! <3

So you need to go and visit their website, read Ingrid’s story and find out where you can purchase this decadent taste experience.  They have cocktail recipes listed on the website, but I would encourage you to use your imagination and experiment.  Cafvino truly is like nothing else.

Cafvino Official Website

Keep your eye on Schifer imports.  I know I am excited to see what they are able to tantalize us with next!

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