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Eden’s Market/Jaime’s Corner

The grand opening of Eden’s Market was Sunday June 23, 2013.  It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon and many of the vendors sold out.

I have been following Patricia and the market since inception.  My alter ego is in a dance troupe that supports Y.E.S.S. so of course I was excited to see another organization helping them out! Eden’s combines two of my passions; food and charity.

It was wonderful to finally meet Patricia in person.  She is a lovely, bubbly lady that just emanates “happy”.  Putting together a market is a big job and it is the only one of its kind in Edmonton.  Since the market is called “Eden’s” I suspected there was a story behind it – and I would love to share that with you here.

Eden happens to be Patricia’s daughter.  They were driving to the Strathcona Farmer’s  Market one day about two years ago and were having a discussion about a US documentary on the economic downturn.  The documentary was discussing families that had to give up their homes and live in their cars.  These children had no place to do  homework, stretch out,  or sleep properly.  They did not go to their friends houses in fear that their friends might want to go to their house and find out they were living out of their cars.  They also could not afford to have social services find out or the parents would risk losing their children. The picture Eden saw was very difficult for her to reconcile with, as it is difficult for even us adults to swallow.  Patricia had images of Eden having to go through this and decided that they wanted to do something about the local homeless youth situation.

The family faced many hurdles to bring you what Eden’s Market is today.  They had to get zoning changes done, scramble for vendors due to time of year, and face the elements.  Friends and family were supportive every step of the way and work their butts off to make the market happen every Sunday.

So Patricia has learned many new lessons – including how to use Twitter and Facebook to promote the new market.  So be nice to her – she’s still new!  <3

On to the grand opening…

I had a monthly brunch to attend so unfortunately I couldn’t stay to see the Chinese Dragon Dancers, but was able to sample some really good eats and bring them to the brunch to share with the other guests.


They make microwaveable SMORES kits with different kinds of chocolate to choose from.  The marshmallows that come in the kit are flat  – which is very handy for the melting.


House of the Rising Bun

Nothing but compliments for this vendor! House of the Rising Bun had many of the cakes that you would see your Grandmother cooking – which is a high compliment because my Grandmother was a very good cook! I was able to try the Red Velvet Cinnamon Buns and the Coca Cola Chocolate Cake.

The Red Velvet Cinnamon buns were moist and not overpoweringly sweet with a hint of chocolate.  The other guests eyes were rolling into the back of their heads on the first bite.  The Coca Cola Chocolate Cake was a hit as well.  Moist, rich and chocolatey without being too heavy.


Andy's Beef Jerky

Hot and Spicy FTW!  Slightly sweet with a nice mellow after-burn.  Andy’s is always a good choice!


Chef Mon's

I tried the Jerk Pork Spring Rolls and the Jamaican Rum Cake from these folks.  Just the right amount of spice in the Spring Rolls.  The Rum Cake was rich and delightful.

I do need to add that there is a face painting and activity tent run by Jamie.  There is always a balloon animal twister professional and always activities going on.  If you are a food truck that would like to participate – please make sure you get in touch!

So many thanks to Patricia and Eden for your vision.  Your family and friends deserve a big “high five” as well!   Thank you for sharing your caring and your hard work with the youth of Edmonton!

Please help support Eden’s vision by following the market on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: EdenMarketon124


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