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#FoodTruckFriday Feature – Casa 12 Doce

As many of my readers know, I am a huge supporter of the Edmonton Food Truck scene.  I decided to do something different this season and feature a different truck weekly.  Here is truck #2!

I wasn’t able to catch them last season as they were not downtown.  Casa 12 Doce is based out of Sherwood Park and now in their second season.

Carlos Farrill is the Chef behind the Foodtruck.  He hails from Mexico and has been all around the world cooking.  He decided to call Canada home.

While on a search for great Mexican food in the Edmonton area, he found things that were close, but not like his family used to make it.  This is where the Food Truck was born.  If Carlos couldn’t find it, then neither could anyone else.  “If you make it, they will come”.  Casa 12 Doce was born.

If you have had the chance to partake of the Casa 12 Doce menu, you will have had a very lovely lady explain the food and take your order.  That was Janette.  She is the other half of Casa 12 Doce.

I was lucky enough to have caught Casa 12 Doce at the Stantec Employee Appreciation event.  It is a food truck extravaganza! There were six trucks to choose from.

Stantec Employee Appreciation Event

My husband keeps on teasing me that my food trucks are like Pokeman – “Got to try them all!” He is kind of right.  There were only two out of the six that I hadn’t tried; Casa 12 Doce and Yellowbird Cafe.  I chose Casa 12 Doce.

Casa 12 Doce Food Truck

The truck design is beautiful!  The menu is fairly large for a food truck as well.

Casa 12 Doce Menu

I tried the Huarache de Suadero.  I don’t normally drink sodas, but I do love the Jarritos.  Casa has a non-alcoholic Sangria which went nicely with my food.

Casa 12 Doce Huarache de Suadero

The Huarache is basically the seasoned meat on a corn flatbread with the veggies, the feta cheese and the avocado.  Such a nice light meal on a hot summer day.  The meat was nicely seasoned and tender, veggies were fresh.  All of the flavours just meshed nicely together.  This was hard to eat without a knife and fork!

Casa 12 Doce is now a truck that I will add to my favourites.  Next time I am in the mood for some great Mexican street food, I will need to hunt them down.

Chef Carlos and Janette also offer catering services.  Please see their website for more information.

Have you downloaded the StreetFoodApp yet?  Find your favourite food truck’s location and schedule!

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