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#FoodTruckFriday Feature – Native Delights

During my trip to the newly opened Mother’s Market (post to follow) I came across Ian Gladue and his shiny new concession stall for Native Delights.  Technically this is “not” a food truck, but Native Delights does have mobile carts that you will see in and around the city sharing his love of food.  They are now in their second year.

Native Delights at Mothers Market

I had a couple of minutes to chat with Ian while he was preparing my food.  He would like to be able to tell us that his Bannock recipe was one that was handed down from generation to generation, but that is not the case.  Ian is someone that just loves to cook, and it shows.  His Bannock is light and fluffy which makes the perfect partner to his creative burgers. Ian loved cooking so much that he went off and worked hard in the oilfield to save the money to start his business.  The rest is history.

Native Delights Menu

I had to try the best seller; the Back Bacon Mozzarella Bannock Burger.

Back Bacon Mozzarella Bannock Burger

No processed cheese here!  As you can see from the photo, the Bannock is light and fluffy.  This burger is huge!  I could not finish the whole thing.  The wrapper was a big, sloppy, juicy mess when I was done.  The patty has a nice texture to it, and all of the flavours blend well together.  I can see why this is a best seller.

When I asked about the competition, Ian was lovely when he responded.  In his culture, he wants to see everyone lifting each other up.  There is no competition, there is only community.

Native Delights has been featured on Breakfast Television’s Food Truck Friday: Click Here

There are several places that you can go to now for a Native Delights Bannock Burger.  Look them up on the Streetfood App and now you can also visit them Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Mothers Market.  Mothers Market is located in the old Mothers Music building on 109 Street and 102 Avenue.

Keep an eye on the menu.  Ian is working hard to bring you Bison and in the near future a mushroom and swiss bannock burger.

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