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#FoodTruckFriday Feature – Paradise Grill

Originally founded as “Pub Paradise” in 1999.  The Chef’s name is Owen.  He has 20 plus years of cooking under his belt.  Owen wanted to share his Jamaican culinary skills with Edmonton by giving us a taste of his irresistible Jerk Chicken made with his own secret blend of spices.  Hence the food truck “Paradise Grill” was born.

Paradise Grill

These guys are hard to find.  They aren’t on the Streetfood App and they don’t use their social media very often.  I was lucky enough to catch them at the Canada Day Celebrations at the Alberta Legislature grounds.

Chef Owen - Paradise Grill

As you can see, the Jerk Chicken is grilled on charcoal with a smile!  There were several food trucks gathered, but this one’s aroma was just too good to walk by.  They smelled divine!

There wasn’t much for choices on the menu for the night.  You had Jerk Chicken, assorted wings or Jamaican Patties.  After getting a nostril full of the Jerk Chicken, there was no other choice.

Paradise Grill Jerk Chicken

You pay $10 for your chicken and above is what you get. I should have taken a comparison photo to show you the portion size.  I was still hungry when I was finished.  The Jerk Chicken tastes as good as it smells.  Your mouth has some pleasant heat in it during the whole experience. The spice blend is amazing.

Hand cut fries would have been really good. Steak fries are not my favourite. Hot sauce is available for your meal if you need more heat.

Paradise grill will cater your event. They need a bit more room to set up – there is the mobile kitchen and the grills.

Paradise Grill is on Facebook and you can also find them on Twitter as @paradisegrill4u

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