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Get Your Knosh On!

Knosh Catering is a family run business, headed by a gentleman that is generous, creative and talented. Knosh prides itself on supporting local producers.  The majority of the ingredients used are provided by some of Edmonton’s best local farmers and independent producers. They specialize in British and European cuisine.  Cream Tea,  Afternoon Tea and High Teas are their specialty.

Stuart Parry is completely self taught.  The passion that he puts into his cooking and baking is evident in anything he puts on your plate.  His customers are family and are treated as such when they have a meal with him.  I have been following Stuart and family since the food truck days.  The sandwiches and traditional English breakfasts are just as tasty as the Trifle and Victorian Sponge Cake!

Knosh Catering now calls the Crestwood Curling Club home; Stuart and family run the concession.  They still cater for weddings and events.  It’s nothing fancy,  unless of course, you are attending a Knosh Tea Party.  I was lucky enough to get an invite to the most recent event.  The tickets always sell out.

When you see the concession area transformed into Grandma’s dining room, you can’t help but marvel at it’s beauty.  The tables are covered in matching linens with the tea trays and teacups all ready to be filled for the guests.  Stuart and his family are busy in the kitchen filling the tea trays for the guests that have already been seated.

Once you are comfortable, you have your tea brought out to you with your own tea set on a silver platter.  Your tea tray is also brought to your table filled with tea sandwiches, savouries and Stuart’s famous scones; one of each for everyone at the table.  The scones by themselves are delightful, but Stuart puts it over the top with in house made clotted cream and strawberry preserves.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also an entire table loaded with traditional cakes, tarts and biscuits!  You will never leave Knosh hungry.

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I LOVE dressing up for tea, but it is not mandatory.  There is no dress code at Knosh.  If you want to dress fancy, or if you want to dress down.  Everyone is welcome.

After I was completely sated with such a delicious tea, I got the chance to chat a bit with Stuart and congratulate him on his new granddaughter.  Proud Grandpa!

RR: What inspires you to cook and bake?  What is your muse?

SP: All of my most treasured memories as a child are centred around food.  I have always cooked for Family and Friends.  I am self taught by trial and error.  My wife Karen says that I am most happiest in the kitchen and even on  worst days I still have a smile on my face when baking.  When people come to Crestwood they are treated like family, I am always pulling people into the kitchen at Crestwood to eat this, sample that.  Crestwood curling Club has become an extension of my family, so for me Family and Friends inspire me to cook and I love nothing more that see people eat and smile.

RR:  What can we expect from Knosh in the near future?

SP: I truly have found a home at Crestwood Curling Club. Knosh has been made to feel welcome and we have been given a great opportunity to be able to expand while at the club.  We still offer catering services in the non-curling months, but we are also are now able to offer traditional afternoon teas, fish and chips nights and full English breakfast and brunch on Saturdays.  The Crestwood Curling Club is open to the public to come any time, so I encourage people to come check out the club and grab a bit to eat.  The upstairs lounge area is totally family friendly, children are welcome and they have a great selection of local craft beers on tap.  We also are providing fresh baked scones and pies to Mandolin book store.  Knosh is a family owned and operated business.

RR: Can I please get a brief background on how you started cooking and how Knosh came to be?

SP:  I have always loved to cooked, feeding people is one of my biggest joys.  I started professional by fluke.  I had just been laid off from my Nursing attendant position with The Good Samaritan and a friend recommended me for a job at a catering company.  I got the job there and worked there for 10 years, I learned so much it was great but decided to take some time off to be with family.  That did not last long as I saw an ad for a food truck for sale, something I had been thinking about for a while.  So I bought the truck and Knosh Catering was born.  I have not looked back.  Loved every day working on the truck and meeting some amazing people that I still keep in contact with.  The Food Truck owners are a tight knit family that help and support each other.  After four seasons I decided to sell the truck and was invited to move into Crestwood Curling Club which has given us the ability to expand our menu and offer special events such as Afternoon Tea and Fish and chip nights.

Traditional British food is hard to find in Edmonton.  I hear rumours that the traditional British fish and chip nights featuring “Effing Seafood” cod, mushy peas and the works, will be taking place the third week in October.  The afternoon teas will continue as well after September. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page for the event listings.

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