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Happy Halloween; Welcome to Deadmonton House!

Happy Halloween!

From the creative mind of Edmonton Firefighter, Ryan Kozak please welcome the Williams family to Deadmonton House!

Ryan is a man with a vision that quietly snuck up on Edmonton to give us one of the most detailed, frightening haunts that Edmonton has ever seen!  He had been working on the haunt since February to be launched for the entire month of October.  Deadmonton House is an artful balance of static props, animatronics and live actors.   Deadmonton House’s ultimate goal is to chill you and thrill you.  They want you to have a frighteningly fun time!

The Williams family are a bunch of pumpkin farmers that came upon some really hard luck.  Flooding caused them to lose their crops and start the descent into madness.  Open doors and apple pie became whispered rumours of people going out to visit the farm and never returning.

Deadmonton House invites you to the Williams family farm.  You get to stroll through the grounds and the house, meeting some of the family members along the way.  Even the most steel-nerved people will get a thrill walking through this haunt!

I have worked many haunts since moving here to Edmonton.  It is one of my favourite ways to celebrate the season; volunteering.  There are some very talented “Halloweenies” in and around the Edmonton area and I thought I knew them all until Ryan walked on to the scene.  He started giving us teaser photos of some of the props on social media which immediately caught my attention. They were so detailed and “real” looking.   I decided to sign up for the volunteer orientation to see what Edmonton would be dealing with for this Halloween season.

The haunt walk-thru had me hooked instantly.  I was in love!  THIS was where I would be volunteering for the season.  I have such admiration for the countless hours of work that I know went into each room in the haunt.  Ryan is a bit of a perfectionist and it was the tiny details throughout the haunt that got my attention.

Edmonton has taken notice of Ryan’s talent as well.  The lineups around the haunt have been epic!  Is it worth the wait?  The Facebook reviews say; yes it is!

Tips for a Successful Visit to Deadmonton House:

  1. Come early!  There can be up to a two hour wait.

  2. Bring cash or pre-purchase your tickets online.

  3. There is a food truck, bring cash if you think you might get hungry.

  4. Dress for the weather.  Due to the long lineups, they cannot fit everyone inside the building to wait.

  5. No pictures please!  Please do not ruin the scares for other patrons.

  6. Please do not touch the actors.  We are all volunteers and work hard for you to enjoy the haunt.  We have been pushed, punched and kicked.  Please be respectful!

  7. Please keep moving through the haunt.  When you stop, it bunches people up and then ruins the scares for other patrons.

  8. It’s fun to have a couple of drinks before going in to the haunt, but it isn’t fun for the volunteers when you are drunk, belligerent and rude! Please drink responsibly.

  9. Please remember to check in and rate us on Facebook and Yelp.  The volunteers love to hear your feedback, positive and negative.  We just want you to be terrified and have a great time!

Deadmonton House is open Halloween Night as well as November 1st and a special “Flashlights Only” event on November 2nd.  There are still three nights to get your scare on at this fantastic Edmonton haunt.

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