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Mr. Mike’s – Tastes of Childhood

For anyone that was born on the West Coast in around the 70’s… Mr. Mikes has been a staple.  I have been going to this franchise since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  (Many, many years!)  The format that they used to have was a buffet style.  You used to go up to the buffet to get your salads and sides as your steak was being grilled behind the scenes, to your specifications.

Times have changed.  Mr. Mike’s has gotten with the times and the experience is now a sit down one.  This particular location is in West Edmonton Mall’s “Bourbon Street”.  There is a mixture of booths and tables.  The decor is of the coast and Haida people.  The atmosphere is a little on the loud side as the restaurant is open to Bourbon Street.

We have never had to wait too long for a table, even with the restaurant location.  The staff seems to be efficient at getting people seated quickly.

I mainly go to Mr. Mike’s for the nostalgia, it brings back a lot of great childhood memories.  As an adult now – the food is pretty decent.  You can get a great steak dinner at the going rate, and the service is usually good.

Mr. Mikes has always been a family affair.  There are crayons for the kids and a children’s menu.

So if you have to brave the mall and you just can’t do the food court one more time – try Mr. Mike’s!  You just might like it!

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