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Native Delights; Brand New Restaurant Aboriginal Cuisine

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a man with a dream… A dream to make Bannock, not war! Fast forward to three years into the future, and this young man is well on the way with the opening of his new restaurant.

I have had the distinct pleasure of indulging in Native Delights food on several previous occasions.  My tastebuds thank me every time.  This visit was no exception.  Bannock is in my blood.

Native Delights has taken over the old “Sloppy Hoggs” location just East of NAIT campus.  They didn’t change the decor much, but it really works. It is cozy and inviting.

Native Delights is not just a restaurant, it is a piece of the Aboriginal community.  It feels like family here.  Opening day had all of their supporters dropping by like old friends.  It was noisy, it was crowded, but the energy was amazing.

Native Delights supports as many other Aboriginal businesses as they can.  You will find Spirit Bear Coffee, Mother Earth Essentials teas and Algonquin Tea.  I  am sure there will be more additions in the future.

Ian is the man behind Native Delights.  He has a passion for cooking.  He busted his butt in the oilfields to make his dream a reality.  Ian is a force of nature, he is surrounded by great energy and many friends.  He is the one in the back, in the kitchen making your Bannock with love!

I am excited to see what comes next for Ian and his family.  I have seen some great game meat on the menu already, and they have only been open for a few days.  It’s not just burgers here.  They have breakfast from 8am to 11am and some healthy salad options on the menu.  If you are a vegan, the Bannock is vegan and they have a vegan burger option for you as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript. The Bannock is amazing.  It’s not a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation, but you can tell a lot of love has gone into each piece.  Bannock is a “Fry Bread” so your fingers are going to get a bit greasy.  Don’t worry, there are lots of napkins!

I always try and haul a few friends along, this visit was no exception.  I want to try as many different items as possible, and with a group of friends is a great way to do it.  A meal should be a social occasion!  We tried the Swiss Burger, the Bacon and Cheddar burger, the Bison Stew and the Back Bacon Burger.  All the ingredients were beautifully fresh.  Hand made patties, no processed anything here!

It was the first day, so we did wait a while for our food.  It was worth the wait!  Everyone really enjoyed their meal.  The herbal tea to go with everything on a cold day is such a nice touch.

They have everything you could possibly think of to put on your Bannock as well. There is butter, and a variety of jams, honey etc.  There is even some dessert flavoured Bannock available now as well.  You will have to follow them on their Facebook page to keep up to date on the rotating specials.

If you like Bannock, or are just curious about Aboriginal Cuisine, then you really need to go and give Native Delights a visit.

I plan to visit often.

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