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Privada Welcomes Back Chef Tony Krause

I have had the distinct pleasure of being able to sample Chef Tony Krause’s food several times now.  I must say, I am a fan.

Chef Tony was at Privada in St. Albert.  He went on some adventures to further his culinary skills, including some foraging in BC.  He came back to Edmonton to open his own restaurant, “The Salt Room”, which unfortunately did not come to fruition as Mother’s Market ended up closing due to unforeseen circumstances with the building.  That didn’t stop Chef Tony!

Chef went back to Privada and met with the owners, and is now back at Privada with a new menu!

Privada has always been focused on in-house charcuterie.  Chef Tony has an incredible talent of pairing flavors to make the ultimate taste experience.  Privada also focuses on locally produced food, and as much as possible is made in house.  You will see some of the preserves displayed on the shelves and charcuterie curing in plain view. Chef Tony also adds foraged food to the repertoire with things like Untamed Feast wild mushrooms.

Kaylen was lovely enough to invite me to sample the tasting menu at Privada.  I had just been a few weeks previously for a special pop up dinner for my second wedding anniversary, which we enjoyed every second of!  I was excited to see what would be on the new menu with Chef Tony at the helm.  Privada and Chef Tony never disappoint!

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The tasting menu is a 5 course affair that will cost you $60.  It is only available Wednesday and Thursday.  Make time for a date night, I highly recommend it!  I ended up switching tables in the middle of my dinner to join some other friends and unfortunately I missed out on a course which was Corn Succotash Pasta.

What I was able to sample was obviously made with passion.  Each dish attractively plated; the pork fritter was served on a heated rock that Chef foraged from a river himself.  How cool is that?

Scallops are a hard dish to impress this BC girl with, but Privada did not disappoint.  They were cooked perfectly and the shaved truffle was delightful.  Chef Tony has worked with Oceanwise so he is aware of seafood sustainability which was also nice to hear.

Kaylen and Kaylan are wonderful hosts.  If you have ever wanted to learn more about wine, this is the place to go.  Kaylan was kind enough to show off the Coravin Argon system which basically lets you sample the wine from the bottle without actually opening it.  Pretty neat stuff!  Privada will be able to provide you with a glass of wine versus the entire bottle which is great in the books of this light weight drinker.

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