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Rosario’s: Go for the Karaoke, Don’t Stay for the Food

We used to go to Rosario’s on a weekly basis, it was in our ‘hood and the manager at the time knew us by name. We mostly went for the wings and the pint specials that were on during happy hour.

We had stopped going because the service was always hit and miss.  The bar took away all of the specials on the food menu, and the quality of the food went downhill fast.  Who wants to pay $11 for 12 wings that have been fried so long that there is nothing left to them?

Just for nostalgia’s sake, we thought we would go back and give it another try.  We heard that the management had changed.  The place was empty with the exception of a group of pool players.

Go to Rosario’s for Karaoke and pool.  They have a decent selection of brews on tap.  Rosario’s is popular on the weekend for it’s Karaoke “bible”.  There are a lot of songs to choose from and it is usually a fun night out with friends.  Due to the popularity though, you will usually only get a few chances to sing.  The queue can get quite long with the weekend regulars.

Don’t go to Rosario’s for the food.  It is average pub food at best, with above average pricing.  You just don’t get the same quality that you would be paying for at a similar pub.  The menus have not been re-printed or changed in years.  They used white-out to cover up the old prices and the new prices are hand written.

There were 7 of us.  The kitchen managed to mess up 3 of the seven meals:

The patties on the burger were of the frozen variety.  He asked for no condiments – he got all kinds!

The Philly Cheese Steak was served lukewarm and he still got onions when he had asked for none.  The solution offered was to microwave the sandwich and bring it back out. My guest just refused the sandwich and went home hungry.

The “house made” lasagne I suspect was a frozen product as well because it was also served cold in the middle.

Service was also an issue on this visit.  Empty glasses and plates littered the table.

Will I ever go back for the food?  No.  I have been disappointed too many times.

Will we go back for Karaoke on the weekends?  More than likely, yes.  We will make sure we are properly fed before we go!

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