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Sweet and Nerdy; The Gummi Boutique

Do you have a nerdy person in  your life that is hard to shop for?  Search no more and get yourself to the Gummi Boutique!

The Gummi Boutique is located in Old Strathcona at 101-10345 82nd Ave NW. They have just recently celebrated their fifth birthday in Calgary and their first birthday here in Edmonton.  If for some reason you got snowed in, or just didn’t feel like putting pants on to go out and get your candy fix, or suddenly craving a 5 pound gummi bear, you can have your Gummi Boutique candy DELIVERED!! How awesome is that?

They carry all of the classics that you could ever think of.  They have your Garbage Pail kids, cola balls, licorice babies, gummi candy, Jelly Belly etc. all in the bulk area.

For international choices, they have a good variety of the US candy bars that are hard to find.  They carry the European original Haribo gummi bears as well as a very popular line of Japanese confectionery.

Soda; lots of it!  Your cherry and vanilla headquarters.  There are also some brands of soda available that are just weird and awesome all at the same time.  Old fashioned favourites are also available.

It’s not all just sweetness either.  There are all kinds of unique gift items to browse through.  Blue Q, Pez dispensers, metal lunch boxes, board games, and gifts that are great for a laugh.

I almost forgot the bugs!  Crickets, chocolate covered ants and insect lolipops.  Perfect for that creepy cute bug lover in your life.

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Oh the nostalgia when you walk through this store!  There are so many things that I saw that brought me back to my childhood.  There is a lot of Willy Wonka that graces the walls of the store; one of my favourite movies as a kid.

I came up with some great gift ideas and stocking stuffers while browsing.  One of my ideas was to buy an appropriately themed metal lunch box and fill it up with their favourite candy.

Gummi Boutique also has thier “Eat More Candy Club” which is a subscription that can be a one time only, or on a month to month basis.  This is something that you can sign up for online, or go down to the store to give the staff all of the details.  The package will include items that are new to the store, things that are on special for that month and other surprises. It’s like a “Nerd Block”, only it’s candy.

The little kid in me just squees every time I walk in to this place.  This visit was no exception.  I brought home my favourite cola balls and they had some Dad’s Rootbeer Barrel hard candies as well.

I will look forward to my next visit for stocking stuffers!

Don’t despair… If you have taken a peek at the website, it is only a small portion of what they offer in the store. Treat your sweet nerd with sweets and give Gummi Boutique a visit in person soon.

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