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The Colombian Mountain Coffee Company

To many of us, coffee is life… That first cup in the morning is heavenly, and for some of us, can make the day better.

Local coffee was not something that I had ever planned on, but then I met a couple who are making that happen.

From the website:

“Born and raised in Colombia, Santiago was surrounded by coffee culture and hardworking farmers. Fast forward to today, Santiago’s family now owns a coffee farm of their own and asked if he would bring the family coffee to the Canadian coffee connoisseur. He went one step further and together with his partner in crime, Kristin, threw himself into the world of coffee. Multiple trips to Colombia to tour farms, and to meet the producers and the families who pick the coffee, inspired Santiago and Kristin to start a micro coffee roastery right at home in Alberta!”

This project has been one of passion for this couple.  They have had a lot of roadblocks that they have had to overcome to bring YEG their family’s best.  The business is very new to Edmonton, so they are only available at farmers markets, handmade shows and through their website.  You will be able to find them at the 124 Street Grand Market on Thursday evenings and the Collingwood Farmers Market on Sundays.

They have a small roastery nestled in an industrial area located west on 118 avenue.  If you are very lucky, you will get invited to attend a tasting.

Santiago and Kristin are warm and inviting and will teach you everything that there is to know about coffee. From the growing of the beans, to managing to get the beans shipped back to Canada, and to the whole roasting experience.  Quite a lot of work goes into your morning cup of coffee!  Kristin comes from a teaching background, so she has her photo display boards all ready for her story telling time!

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The coffee is grown ethically/fair trade;  the surrounding farms think that the Santa Rita Farm in Columbia has got a great thing going.  Happy farmers means a great product.

Santiago loves his beans, and it shows!  He will proudly show you the different types of beans that come in for roasting and how each one is different.  The aromas that were in the air during my tour were heavenly.

I was surprised by how short a roasting session actually was.  It was only a few minutes!

Technology does take its effect on roasting as well.  Temperature, humidity, outdoor weather and many other factors go into how the end result will taste.  And the taste…

The Santa Rita Columbian roast is my favourite so far.  I normally like anything from Ethiopia because of the complex flavours that the beans can present.  The Santa Rita is bright and flavourful, and will make you want a second cup!

You will need to keep your eyes on the website to see where the coffee will be available locally.  I am excited to share the journey of this local startup.

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