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The Dog – Man’s Best Friend

Edmonton’s newest gourmet hotdog and sausage restaurant is The Dog; located at 9567A 118 Avenue.

This is a Sister restaurant to Sloppy Hoggs and Absolutely Edibles, in the Absolutely Edibles old space.  It has been open for about 6 weeks now.

The decor reminded me a bit of an old style diner or ice cream shop with Original 16 on tap.

The menu is pretty fantastic. There are some creative appies (Puppy Nuts) and some really great poutine like items called “The Dogs Breakfast”.

You have the beef and pork “Signature Dogs” like the Coney Island, New York, Chicago, San Francisco etc. Each regional dog has the distinct flavors of that region.  $6 each. Hot dogs are made by Real Deal Meats.

The Signature Dogs are sausages that are stuffed in house.  They are available in such meats as; kangaroo, alligator, elk and wild boar. There are blends as well, I tried the “Nautilus” which was a sausage stuffed with pieces of lobster, snow crab, tiger prawn and scallops.  The sausage is grilled and then topped with Calamari and drizzled with Remoulade.

My husband had the Alligator which was topped in collard greens that are cooked in a ham hock broth.

You can also build your own dog and they have many different types of hand made pickles, mustard and relish for all different kinds of tastes.  These are also available canned in mason jars for you to purchase and take home.  We picked up some Chipotle Raspberry Mustard ($6) and some Bacon Peach relish ($9). They haven’t got the list or the pricing hammered out yet, our Server said it would probably be a couple of weeks before the price list was available. **Update: these are now printed in the menu.

There are vegan and gluten free options available on the menu.

They did not have the dessert menu ready when we were there but our Server said it was delicious and that we should come back soon to try it.

We will certainly be back, our Signature Dogs were delish!


The dogs were so delicious that we had to go back and try some of the signature dogs. I was finally able to try the “Elvis” dog; the beef hot dog with bacon, peanut butter and bananas!! I LOVE my burgers with peanut butter and bacon, they are soooo good! The hot dog is the same idea. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches, I have since I was a child. The banana on a hotdog may be a bit much for some people, but it is now my new favorite thing!

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