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The Drift FT – Jerk Chicken

I am still trying to formulate some way of keeping track of where the YEG Foodtrucks are on any given day.  I work downtown so am always hoping they will be close enough to my office to be able to sample their wares. I just happened to luck out this week!

The Drift has had to fight with local restaurant owners for their right to park their truck and sell their food.  The food truck trend in Edmonton is a relatively new thing and the City is going to have to provide some solid regulations at some point.

I have learned that Nevin and Kara use “Twitter” to broadcast the information for their whereabouts and their menu.  I happily found out that they would be near my office for most of the week.  I had been very disappointed that the last Jerk Chicken had been sold to the gentleman directly before me at the last “What the Truck” Extravaganza.  I made sure that I got there before the lunch crowd to avoid the lineups.

I (very happily) got my Jerk Chicken.


On the menu it is described as; “Jerk Chicken on a Ciabatta bun served with grilled pineapple coleslaw”.  Drift gives the sandwiches to you served in a paper bag, as you can see I brought it back to my office and put it on a plate.  I am glad I did!  The juicy pineapple can make for a drippy experience.

The Jerk Chicken was absolutely delicious!  It was a very pleasant afterburn.  The Drift seems to have their own blend when it comes to spicing things up – their fries are spectacular as well.  I think I tasted some cinnamon in the blend – but don’t quote me!

Thanks Nevin and Kara – it was totally worth the wait!

So go out and find @driftfoodtruck on the Twitter and give “The Drift” a taste!

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