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The Northern Chicken Ultra Hot Sandwich Challenge

Northern Chicken.  A favourite in both my family and my workplace.  Soul food brought to a whole new level by Chefs Matt Phillips and Andrew Cowan.  The food amazing, but they also have a great selection of craft beers, local spirits and whisky for you to enjoy.  Not only do they make my tastebuds sing, but they are also wonderful human beings that generously support a lot of local community initiatives.

When I saw the “Ultra Hot Sandwich Challenge” come up on my Facebook feed, it was too late to get my husband in. The sandwiches are limited and labour intensive.  I really wanted to see for myself though, so asked if I could tag along and watch the action.

When I was young, I may have taken this challenge myself.  Unfortunately with all of the gut issues I have, spicy food is a huge NO.  So I will live vicariously through the tastebuds and stomachs of my friends!

The event description:

Eat the hottest sandwich we can make! Every component will be challenging, from the ultra hot pepper infused bread, to the habanero and cabbage slaw, reaper marinated, wfna tossed chicken, and Scorpion pickles. Finish the sandwich in 20 mins or less, and we will cover the cost, give ya a shirt and some tasty ice cream! All sandwiches are spoken for, but keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

So I heard Chef Phillips explain the whole process a few times.  Sadly he was a very busy man this evening and I did not catch that part on video.  You have to sign a waiver.  It is THAT hot.  You have 20 minutes to consume the sandwich.  If you can eat everything within the time limit, you don’t pay for your sandwich, you win a t-shirt and they give you ice cream to soothe your mouth and throat.  Nitrile gloves are also provided.  Pro tip: use the gloves!  Gentlemen you really don’t want to get pepper oil on your junk when you pee!

I had my plain fried chicken (really it is anything but plain) while I watched some of the challengers come in and attempt the sandwich.  There were already stories of people vomiting and collapsing.  Hell you shouldn’t be taking the challenge if you are on any kind of heart medication or have asthma etc.

My friend Travis was equally excited and terrified to take the challenge.  He was telling me that there aren’t enough of these events in Edmonton and it is something that he really enjoys doing, or at least he used to.  He graciously allowed me to document his experience.

As you can see from the video, he had to tap out.  Kudos to you my friend for doing your best!

Now this guy was awesome!  He managed to eat that entire sandwich in 2 minutes.  I am pretty sure that he holds the record for the fastest consumption of the night.

Last, but not least, we have the best dressed challenger of the night; Thaddeus Archer the Third – Everyone’s favourite Pro Wrestling Manager. He finished just under the wire. Congratulations Thaddeus, you beat it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was an insanely fun night out for me.  The energy in the room was amazing, as was the food.  I know there are a lot of sore people out there tonight.  I hope the aftermath is gentle to you in the morning!  Thanks to Chefs Phillips and Cowan for putting together such a hot event.

I hear that there will be more challenges coming up, I hope to be at the next one to see if my husband can beat it!

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