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Tres Carnales – Tacos for the People!

You know when you have friends that continually bring up a specific restaurant several times that you should probably take their word for it and just go! It took me a little over two years to finally try out the infamous “Tres Carnales”.

They are neatly tucked into Rice Howard Way in downtown Edmonton. Finding parking is always a chore – I guarantee you they are worth the effort.

You walk into the restaurant and you line up to give your order. The menus are on overhead chalkboards. I check in on Foursquare and the tip was “I don’t normally like guacamole – but you have to try the stuff here”. Noted. Done. Their menu is also online so you can prepare yourself for the experience.

Along with the guacamole, I ordered the fish tacos and a sangria to wash it all down.

When you are done ordering your food, you are given a table card which kind of looks like a Mexican tarot card. You are then directed to seat yourself.

The restaurant is designed to have that Mexican Barrio feel to it. The wooden tables have famous Mexican actors laminated into the table tops. The walls are full of sacred hearts and luchadores. There is also a nook wall filled with calaveras and various knick-knacks. I just happen to collect calaveras so I had to take a few photos. Love!

Your food and drinks are delivered to your table when they are ready. The tip on Foursquare was completely correct – I am not usually a fan of guacamole either but this stuff is to die for! Garlicky, creamy goodness!

The sangria is freshly made by the ever friendly staff of Tres Carnales. It is a nice refreshing companion to the meals.

The fish tacos were also really good. Lightly battered red snapper on a bed of coleslaw, served on a soft tortilla. Very tender and full of flavour.

Many thanks to Jake for recommending Tres Carnales – and many thanks to the staff for making a great dining experience!

** This place is always busy so to have a great experience as well, please give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the food and the atmosphere!

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