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Winter Brunch with Fort Edmonton’s Own – Johnson’s Cafe

Fort Edmonton Park generally closes for the season on September 25th.  The park opens for themed events and private functions only.  How can you get a peek at the park in off season?  Why Sunday Brunch of course!

Brunch does run during the park’s off-season every Sunday from October 1 – May 13 (excluding December 24). There are different 90 minute seatings starting at 10:30am and running every 30 minutes until the last seating at 12:30pm.

Pricing is as follows:

Adult/Youth (13 yr old+) $35.95+GST

Seniors (65+) $30.50+GST

Children (4-12) $22.95+GST

Children (Under 4) Free

Booking for brunch enables you to stroll around the park at no extra charge before or after your meal.

The Hotel Selkirk is a replica of a building from 1946.  It is a way for tourists and locals alike to get the fully immersive experience of a living museum.  During the open season, you can tour the entire park at your leisure and be able to stay overnight in the hotel.

In the off season, brunch is served buffet style in Johnson’s Cafe with seating in the Mahogany bar attached. There is a lot to choose from with a live, “chef attended” omelette station and a prime rib carving station.

Brunch Menu Highlights:

Freshly sliced fruits

Chocolate fountain with strawberry, marshmallow, rice krispies, and fruit

Assorted pastries, Freshly baked morning bakeries with cream cheese, butter, and preserves

Market fresh vegetable crudités and dip

Salad bar

Bacon & sausage

Seasonal veggies and pasta

Assorted cakes, pies, mousse, and cookies

Chilled juices, freshly brewed regular, decaffeinated coffee and selection of international teas

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My visit was during the “Spooktakular” season so the venue was decorated in Halloween trimmings.  They had a very tasty “brains” cake that must have looked amazing before it was cut into to serve.

The Eggs Benedict actually surprised me.  They were all put into a chafing dish to keep warm.  I was hesitating trying one because I thought they would be overdone.  They were actually poached perfectly with the most beautiful yellow yolk I have seen in a long time!  Organic eggs are always a nice touch.

The prime rib was also good; tender and juicy served with au jus and some really nice horseradish.  I don’t think there was anything on my plate that I didn’t enjoy.

It was nice to be able to spend a sunny afternoon visiting with my Red Seal Chef friend, Victoria and to see some familiar faces like Miss Jennie Marshall!

After you have stuffed yourself, it’s time to go for a walk.  I have a friend that currently works at the park who let me know that the horses were out and being super friendly.  Thanks Paul!

We wandered over to the barn area to hang out with the beautiful Clydesdale horses.  There was a sheep and a couple of goats as well, but they were not into human contact.

During the off season, all of the buildings are locked up, so you are not able to go inside like you would during a normal visit.  It is still a beautiful stroll through history.  Yet another “great date” destination.

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